What Is ABA?
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an empirically based intervention which is used to reduce problem/maladaptive behaviors and increase pro-social behaviors within individual’s life.

ABA strategies can be used with all age groups (infants to elderly).

Through the use of ABA, clinicians can assess help skill deficits or behavioral barriers in multiple settings. These include home, school, community, or in the workplace. This process provides skills for the clients and their families.

Strategies are customized per the individual’s needs.

This occurs through the manipulation of reinforcers to create a fun and effective learning environment, which naturally encourages the individual to learn, work, and demonstrate the skills independently while sustaining progress.

Applied Behavior Analysis Services (Available across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

  • Functional Behavior Assessments
    • Decrease maladaptive or unwanted behaviors/ habits
  • Develop individualized behavior treatment plans
    • Based upon the function of behavior and utilize environmental contingencies to achieve desired results.
  • Skill Acquisition Programs
    • Increase socially appropriate/ acceptable skills and behaviors
  • Provide Educational Consultations and/or training opportunities within the school System
  • Trainings on the Principles of Behavior
    • Develop ways to strengthen a systems behavior intervention plans.
  • Consultations regarding behavioral difficulties/ challenges within the home, community, school, or work setting.


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